‘AYTO’ Finale Recap: 11 Perfect Matches Revealed — But Could They Figure It Out?

The period five cast of ‘Are You the One?’ have had a truly difficult time discovering their ideal matches– yet so did the past 4 periods’ casts. So, did they prosper?

It’s finale time which meant everyone was going bananas: Kathryn and Ozzyheaded to the boom room, which distress Hannahonce again, while Shannon was still perplexed over who her match was. For the challenge this week, the men were offered an idea regarding a female, as well as if they believed it defined who they intended to go on a day with, they chose to eat some kind of horrible food.

Joey instantly drank a fish intestines smoothie to attempt and got a day with Casandra. According to the technique they were not a match, but he intended to be with her. Derrick needed a date with Shannon or Casandra, so he ate pig skin when he believed a clue could be explaining her– however he selected wrong and also obtained a date with Tyranny, that he couldn’t go back into the reality cubicle with due to the fact that they had actually traded it for money.

Obviously Cas as well as Joey were sent out into the reality cubicle however the group determined to include some cash to their total instead of finding out if they were a match; they do recognize they don’t obtain the money if they don’t get the perfect matches, right?

‘Are You The One’ Period 5 Pictures

Right here’s that selected who at the final ceremony: Michael chosen Kari; Ozzy picked Gianna; Mike chosen Alicia; Joey selected Hannah; Osvaldo picked Taylor; Tyranny picked Jaylan; Tyler chosen Casandra; Andre picked Kathryn; and also Derrick selected Shannon.

Evidently not. They headed to the last match up ceremony and also only obtained … 8 light beams. That’s right, they were the initial shedding home ever in Are You the One? history.

Below’s that the excellent matches were, as they were disclosed on the reunion, beginning with the 8 they solved:
Edward & & Kam Hayden & Carolina
Andre & & Kathryn Michael & & Kari Mike & Alicia
Osvaldo & & Taylor Ozzy & & Gianna Jaylan & & Tyranny Derrick & & Casandra Joey & & Shannon Tyler & & Hannah

Find out who’s still with each other today! HollywoodLifers, are you surprised the cast couldn’t get it?


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