Geoff Hamanishi & GF Kassandra Split After He Admits To Cheating & DMing Other Girls

After virtually eight years with each other, Geoff Hamanishi and also his girlfriend, Kassandra, have actually ended their connection, and he required to Instagram to find clean concerning ripping off on her and also much more. View here.

Geoff Hamanishi acquired a significant following on Instagram by posting gorgeous pictures of his partner, Kassandra, for several years– yet it resembles their picture-perfect partnership had not been so ideal nevertheless. Geoff, that goes by the Instagram handle @the93044, and Kassandra split earlier today after being together for almost eight years, as well as on Jan. 9, he deleted all the pictures from his Instagram web page and also posted a video clip to come clean regarding his shocking indiscretions throughout their partnership.

I’m not making this video to request pity, or ask for mercy,” Geoff said, on the edge of rips. “I don’t be entitled to any of those points. I just wish to make this video clip to find tidy and also apologize to everyone– everyone that I injure, everyone that I have actually disappointed. I recognize a great deal of you guys respected us and also I allow you individuals down, every one of you. I cheated on my partner. I messaged various other girls behind her back.” Geoff went on to lament over how “great” Kassandra was to him, and also confessed that he “didn’t deserve her.” He concluded with some guidance to any individual else who could think of disloyalty themselves.

“Sorry to everybody. Sorry to my sweetheart. I ruined. I took her for provided,” he admitted. “Finally, I simply want to state, if you’re in my position right now, or you have the chance to be in my position, don’t f *** ing do it. It’s not worth it. It’s never ever worth it. You don’t wish to know what it resembles to look her in the eyes and also recognize that when she’s looking back at you, you’re not even the exact same individual she fell in love with.”

Normally, Kassandra is ruined, as well as she uploaded a message of her very own on her Instagram tale. “My life primarily obtained shaken up and obviously social networks was below to catch everything,” she wrote. “I undoubtedly do not require to go into the information that I’m sure you all may understand now. Just know I was harmed and also betrayed by somebody I was with for nearly 8 years, and also it somehow obtained the social media sites insurance coverage that it most definitely did not require (as well as did deficient any type of easier). Not just were you all fooled, but guess what? I was too. As several of you may understand I’m private as f ***. I never really felt the demand to show off and show/explain any facets of my life. So seeing one of the most personal heart-wrenching event of my life go public drawn esp when I really did not have the # 1 person (at the time) by my side. I have nearly the best group of close friends and household i can ever before request reminding me of my worth (ty loved ones). I’m solid enough to understand I have no fault in this, however it still harms. Thanks for a lot of your undying assistance. I have actually always been an independent as well as self reliant person before this and also I recognize I will certainly remain to be one.”

Kassandra and also Geoff met on Tumblr, as well as their connection played out for many years on his social media sites accounts. Followers are definitely livid that he would rip off on her, and he’s definitely obtaining the wrath on Twitter and Instagram for it. Misstep, man.


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