‘Shameless’: Will Jimmy Return In Season 9 For Fiona’s Final Episodes?

Because Mickey returned for Ian’s last ‘Outrageous’ episode, could Jimmy/Steve return for Fiona’s last episodes? ‘Outrageous’ showrunner John Wells considers in on the possibility in a brand-new interview.

You know you have actually been considering it. Could Jimmy return in the back half of Immoral period 9 for Fiona’s farewell performance? Justin Chatwin hasn’t appeared as Jimmy since season 5, and also his tale with Fiona really felt a little incomplete. Shameless showrunner John Wells was asked about Jimmy potentially recovering in a brand-new meeting with The Hollywood Press reporter. “I can say definitely nothing regarding it although you do not intend to carry out very same magic method twice in one period [chuckling],” he stated. While that’s not a no, it’s not an of course either. I’m not surrendering hope!

The magic method he’s describing is Noel Fisher’s surprise return throughout Cameron Monaghan’s last episode. Ian headed off to jail in the last minutes of the Oct. 14 episode, and also his cell mate ended up being Ian. They might be in prison, however Gallavich got their gladly ever after.

Emmy Rossum will certainly be leaving the program at the end of season 9. She’s been on the show since its premiere in 2011. Jimmy as well as Fiona have actually constantly had a troubled connection, however they have actually never stopped having sensations for each and every various other. Throughout his last look on the program, Jimmy asked Fiona to go to Dubai with him. Jimmy has a thing for asking Fiona to run away with him, but she’s constantly stated no.

Nonetheless, period 9 might provide that possibility once again. Fiona’s on a downward spiral after figuring out her currently ex-boyfriend, Ford, is actually married with a family. Could Jimmy swoop in and also ask Fiona one last time to disappear with him? That’s what I’m hoping. Possibly she ‘d finally say yes. Outrageous period 9 will certainly return in January 2019 on Showtime.


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